Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Breka Bakery

  I really like the appearance of this Bakery, from the outside if you cover up the seating section and just look at the counter, you'll see racks of bread at the background and cakes and delicious baked goods at the counter up front. They sell a wide variety of baked goods from cakes to bread to sandwiches.
   Personally I really like their chocolate pudding cake, it's a tad on the sweet side but compared to alot of the cakes that you would get at the supermarket, their cakes tastes more home made rather than the factory like taste you get with the cakes that are made by supermarkets. 
   That said, I also like the bread loaves that they make, it doesn't really taste like anything special compared to other breads that you would get at a bakery but I guess all breads taste similar unless they are made with sour dough or a special process or with special ingredients. 
    Besides baked goods, they also have some made entrees like paninis, sandwiches and rolls. I haven't personally tried them, but when I was there, my friend got a steak sandwich. She said it was very good, giving it a rating of 10/10. I don't really hear her give such high ratings usually so I would take her word for it when she says they are good.
    That said, the coffee that they sell tastes pretty regular, there wasn't anything special to it. The flavour wasn't too thick nor was it too bland. The prices however, for a cup or coffee or even baked goods was on the expensive side though. A cup of coffee (small) was abit over $2, compared to Starbucks who's coffee is only $1.70.
    Also, when it comes to seating, the bakery seems to not have enough seats. There is this huge long table in the middle of the customer section and then small tables on the side for people to sit in as well. These side tables, I find are abit uncomfortable and over all it's abit cramped. If you are looking for a seat, I would recommend coming earlier to make sure you get a seat or prepare to sit outside. That said, I would definately come back and visit again.
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