Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sarku Japan (Westfield Southcenter)

   I was travelling with my grandma to the Southcenter mall, and it was lunch time so were looking for a place to eat. She doesn't like Western cuisine as much as Eastern cuisine so we decided to find a place at the foodcourt.
   Sarku Japan had some teriyaki samples so we decided to give it a try and my grandma liked it so I decided to get her a chicken teriyaki lunch set. I must say the experience of waiting in line at Sarku Japan reminds me of a production line. The cooks and servers kept adding on to the orders. One person would fill the rice, the other would fill the teriyaki and someone else would do the vegetables. It is almost like a production line with little to no attention to detail. That said, it didn't taste too bad. it was slightly on the saltier side, but overall not too shabby.
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