Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Loop Cafe

The Loop Cafe
Located in the CIRS building, I must say out of the tons of UBC food outlets, this one is one of my favourite. They have a good variety of food and food that are more freshly made (such as their daily entrees) than most of the UBC Food Outlets. They do offer the conventional things like the refrigerated foods like the sandwiches from Thinkfood and UBC baked goods.
What I like most about them is their daily entrees, on average they are about $6 to $7 but, some of it tastes really good. Sometimes they have butter chicken, and others they have mashed potato like things with beans. The daily entrees aren't what you would find at other UBC Foods outlets, so this place is definitely a good place to go for lunch if you are hungry. That said, their containers are the compostable kinds... and I find that it's composting while you eat (like if it's excessively liquidy, the liquid will seep through the container. I would recommend bringing your own container (you also get a discount if you bring your own container)

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