Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pak Tak Chui Chow 百德潮洲美食 (Yaohan Center Food Court)

Like many of the eating outlets in the Yaohan center, they offered a deal where it is buy 3 get 1 free. What attracted me to them was that they had the marinated pepper pork, which I decided to get as well as the stirfried halibut.
 These guys really know how to wrap their dishes. The way they put on the lids of the aluminum plates was so fast, it was amazing. I guess because it is take out, they need to work fast during rush hours. Instead of getting 3 items, I only got the 2 that my family had the craving for. Not alot of the food here interests me because many of the dishes seemed to be either greasy or deep fried, and because I'm training for a marathon, I would like to stay as lean as possible.
   When I took the two dishes home, it was already abit cold. We decided to just eat the two dishes without warming them up. The Pork tasted pretty good, they had it marinated with pepper and broth which made it taste good. However, I noticed that the pork themselves were fried before they were marinated and also there were quite abit of bones and fat meat within the pork. Overall, the taste was good, but just abit on the greasy side. The halibut was the same too when it comes to grease because it was also deep fried. That said, be caution not to tread this like the halibut from fish and chips. I made the assumption that the halibut was boneless and I immediately regretted making at assumption.
I guess one of my teachers in high school was right when he told me never to assume, because assuming makes an ass out of you and me (assume= ass u me). The taste was good though, if you leave out the bone part of the fish. Overall, I say the value of the dishes were pretty good. At $7 for a full large dish that is enough to feed a few people, it's pretty good value. However, the quality is abit like fast food, and on the greasy side, but overall I would come back again.
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