Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Eve /Steveston village

I know that New Year's Eve was a few days ago but I thought it would be cool to share what I did. During the morning, I went on a staycation to Steveston Village. I figured that there probably won't be too many people there because it's New Year's Eve. So we took the bus from where we lived (traveled with my mom and brother) and it took us to Richmond center.
There, we saw the 402 bus come and we immediately ran for it right after we got off the original bus. About a few minutes into the 402 bus ride, we realized we were on the wrong bus because it was going in another direction, so we quickly got off and boarded the 410. I'm surprised how frequent the 410 comes, by the time we walked back to Richmond center (sort of felt like we were, or at least I was, walking the walk of shame because I got the directions wrong), the 410 was already there.
 We quickly boarded the bus and then it took us to Steveston. When we got off the bus at Steveston, the place was practically empty. We walked south towards the waterfront toward Fisherman's Wharf after we got off the bus. On the way there, you can see the old fishing village, with tons of vintage shops. There was an old post office, old bakery that used the traditional brick oven stove. There were a few other small coffee shops too, as well as numerous fish and chips place. In the summer time, on the actual wharf, fishermen/fisherwomen would come in and then bring their daily catches for sales. But the day we went, the place was deserted. Even Pajo's was closed.
 After walking around for a while, I noticed something very interesting. They have a 4 way crosswalk in Steveston. It's pretty interesting to see such a sight because it isn't often that we see something like this in Canada. I think the last time I saw a 4 way crosswalk (like an official one with traffic lights rather than the intersections with stop signs), I saw it in Japan and Taiwan.
   Anyway, after standing at this crosswalk for a few moments for pictures, we decided to go to Ichiro Japanese Restuarant for lunch (you can read about the experience in one of my previous posts). After we finished here, we went a near by coffee shop for coffee before we left back home for New Year's Eve countdowns. On the way home, we stopped by Yaohan Center to buy some food to supplement rice we have at home. I must say, I love the food court here because it reminds me of how the market bazaar is like in Taiwan. You walk in there and the merchants are like hungry lions waiting for the antelope to come.
    They were all so eager for your business alot of praises like "handsome man" came out, and they tried to get you to buy from them. From what I noticed, it seems like all of the Chinese food are all the same, or they sell relatively the same stuff. At the end, we settled for Pak De, and we got 2 dishes that we took home.

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