Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Boss Restuarant (Metrotown) 大班餐廳餅店

My mom used to buy this kind of noodles that is cooked with chicken from this place. The chicken noodles, I recall was very good whenever she bought it so after coming home from a day's worth of staycationing (stay-vacation), we were too lazy to cook anything so we decided to dine-in on our way home.
 When we arrived, the place was so busy, there were people lined up outside as it was about 6:00PM at night. We had to wait for about 15 minutes before we got called in. Once we were inside, the place has sort of a diner feel to it. I've also noticed this restaurant takes cash only.
There were tables and huge panels of mirrors on the wall (I think they were there to create the impression that the place is big. When we were seated down, we knew what we would like to order already so we ordered. We ordered a Yang Jou Fried Rice, The Boss Noodles and then Chicken Fried Noodles.
   Something interesting I've noticed is that the cups that they used to serve the tea has really interesting and unique patterns. When I took a closer, I noticed that the cups were actually scratched from the numbers of times that it was used and washed. Very interesting to see either way.
 When the food came, we indulged in it right away. Before we ordered, we asked the waitress to include in our order to reduce the amount of salt and oil (it would be a good idea to ask them to do this). We started with the fried rice. The fried rice has the taste of the sausage that's in it to give it the full flavour that the fried rice. This dish is definitely a classic and I always get this whenever we order from this restaurant.
  The next dish that came was the "Boss Noodles". It came on a teriyaki hot plate. The top was cooked chicken with sauce and mixed vegetables while the bottom appears to be raw instant noodles. Before stirring, the instant noodles tasted kind of eggy. We had to take some of the topping and noodles off, or else it was too hard for us to stir the noodles. This tasted pretty good, and the portion was pretty big as well.
  The final dish that came was chicken noodles. I love the way they cooked these noodles. It's not too salty, yet the pieces of the chicken that they give you are usually pretty big. The sauce that they use to cook it with really goes well with the noodle.
  In summary, I think the food here is pretty decent. However, the service can be abit lacking. The servers are usually really too busy, so detail can be lacking. That said, the portions for the food are usually pretty generous and I would definitely come back here again but probably for takeout only.

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