Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rocanini Coffee (Steveston Village)

I find there are a few words to describe this coffee shop, one of them is definitely "interesting". From the outside, the coffee shop has sort of a designer feel to it. There really isn't too much that's complicated with the design of the coffee shop, except that alot of the stuff is painted in white. For some reason, it reminds me of an Ikea show room.
   When we entered, I took a look at the menu and I noticed that their coffee is grinded and roasted in house. So I thought to myself "I must get myself a cup". This place only has one size for coffee and teas, so there really isn't the confusion of what to call each size. Some coffee shops have really bizarre names to what some of their coffee cup sizes are called, so it's good to have just one size.
  When the coffee came, I took a sip. I must say it is one of the strongest coffee's I've had. It doesn't taste diluted like many of the coffee chains. I can't really say it's my cup of tea, or in this case my cup of coffee for something strong, but if you add enough milk to it, the concentrated flavour goes away.
  In conclusion, I would say this coffee shop is pretty average, but the price of their coffee is abit high (it's about $3 a cup when at Starbucks, it is only a fraction of the price). 
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