Monday, February 24, 2014

Average Foodcourt Chinese Food (Famous Wok Review (Waterfront center))

It was lunch time and I was meeting with my mom and brother after my long run (today I ran from Metrotown to UBC, about 21km in distance as part of my training for the Vancouver Marathon). I was craving something like Chinese food because Chinese food tend to have the full range of nutrients such as the carbs from rice, protein from vegetables and meat and the vitamins from vegetables. The only downside to Chinese food is that it is usually greasy, and is the reason why I avoid it unless I'm sure I'm not going to overload too much on my calories.
   Today, it was lunch and the only place that sells Chinese food was Famous Wok. So I decided to go get three lunch boxes. The interesting thing that happened was that the lady in front of me inquired about the lunch special that they usually have. To my surprise, the people there told her that the chef wasn't cooking that because they are too busy. I am not sure if I misread the sign, but I think the special came from the cooker and they didn't want to sell it at a special price because the travel expo was in town. I think they should have put a sign that tells people that the special price is subject to change or something.
   Besides that, I ordered my 3 lunch boxes and I mixed and matched vegetables and some meat. One thing I noticed is that there aren't many vegetable options. Actually, there is only 1 vegetable option. If you are a vegetarian, this place is not for you. Almost everything was deep fried when it comes to meat. There were only a few dishes like the BBQ chicken that wasn't deep fried. Otherwise, everything was deep fried.
  Overall, the meal itself was mediocre tasting. It was slightly on the greasy side, and some of the things like the noodle was dry and sort of raw tasting. The price is average at $7.99 for a two item combo, but next time I am here, I might give something else a try.

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