Sunday, February 16, 2014

In France, they say "bon café" (Baguette & Co French Bakery & Cafe)

I think this is the first bakery that I've been to in Vancouver that is actually French. It was a rainy afternoon and my friend and I were looking for a place to sit down, have coffee and also work on an assignment that was due. There were many places in the area we were in, but all of them seem to be full. When we walked by Baguette & Co, we were immediately attracted by their wide assortment of baked goods.
   The moment we decided to go in, we were greeted by the barista who was extremely friendly. We had a conversation and she told me that they bake all of their baked goods freshly everyday. I noticed that many of their baked goods are pretty special. For example, they had a few varieties of croissants. The one that was very attractive was the chocolate croissants. Not only was the shape different but the layer and texture of it seemed to be really well made as well. My friend decided to get a croissant while I got a cup of Americano Coffee.

  The price of the Americano was pretty decent, at about $2.50 for a medium. I should also note that what I liked was that they didn't decide to give their cups a bunch of random names like how some places would call their cup sizes after words from other languages that are confusing. Their coffee sizes were purely small, medium, large. That said, they don't have a big assortment when it comes to drinks. It's not like Starbucks/ Blenz where they have hundreds of drinks. it seems like Baguette & Co only have at most 12 types.
Besides the croissants, they also have a wide range of baked goods and desserts. I noticed in a separate display fridge, they have little snacks that were $1.25 each and you get a discount if you buy more. They also have more of the traditional types of breads like baguettes (which makes sense because it's a French bakery and it would be silly to call themselves Baguette and Co if they didn't have baguettes), bread loaves and traditional buns. The prices are fair, but I find that the price is slightly on the higher side when it comes to the baked goods. That said, they do make their baked goods instore. Compared to alot of the major coffee chains where they make their baked goods in a huge factory and attention to detail is sometimes non-existent, the price difference isn't too bad.
  The only downside to this place is that the location is very small, so it is not ideal for parties that are too big. Otherwise, I highly recommend Baguette and Co.
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