Friday, February 14, 2014

Sushi Bang (Broadway City Hall station)

The location of Sushi Bang is very convenient, it is only a few steps away from the 99 Bus stop and the Vancouver City Hall - Broadway Canada Line skytrain station. I was in the area because I was in the area for VGH with my grandma, so I wanted something quick. My first response was to look for fast but healthier food, so something like Japanese take out. When I looked across the street from London Drugs, I saw Sushi Bang's sign that say "Take out".
   I headed over to their direction and I see a sign outside their door that say a 18pc sushi special so I went in. My first impression of the place was it was very small and cramped. Even their goldfish that was on display at the entrance seemed cramped. They tried to fit 3-5 koi/carp like fish in a small 10 gallon tank and all aquarium enthusiasts know that the rule of thumb is 1 inch of fish/gallon, and that tank was definitely over capacity.  Like the fish tank, the restaurant itself is pretty cramped too. The tables were small and their is only one isle for people to walk in. If you are claustrophobic, I wouldn't recommend dining in.
   When I entered, I was greeted by the waitress who showed me what their 18 piece sushi combo looked like. For 5.95, I say the combo looked pretty decent. The sushi looks abit on the small side, but for 5.95 I guess it was what to expect. I thought the sushi combo probably wouldn't fill me up, so I decided to get a bento box.
   I finally settled for the Chicken Teriyaki box, and I asked for the take out version. I waited for about 10 minutes and the wait time was short, but abit uncomfortable because of the cramped space.
   After, I took my bento box and went to the food court of Whole Foods across the street. I must say, it's the first time I've seen a Japanese bento box put in a Styrofoam box. The bento box was about $7.95, the portion was pretty decent/ slightly lacking side. The salad only contained a piece of orange and a few slices of lettuce. Their were about 8 pieces of California roll, and it tasted pretty average.
   The chicken teriyaki was abit on the small side. There were only about 4 pieces and it was slightly burnt. The taste of it wasn't that great either as it was somewhat on the hard side. Like the teriyaki, the tempura was over fried. When I picked up the yam tempura, it was dripping oil, which was abit scary. It seemed like the tempura has been in the fryer for too long and thus, rather than tasting the actual tempura and vegetables, I was tasting the oil instead...
Eating environment - fair/ but on the poor side beside it's cramped
Food - fair but could be better
Price - average/fair
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