Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Very light tasting miso soup... (Library Sushi Review)

There are many sushi restaurants around this area and I really love how creative they are when it comes to what they name themselves. I guess this one is one of the most original (well not exactly...), because the restaurant is located in the library complex, the name "Sushi Library" caught my attention.
My friend and I wanted to grab something fast because we have a lot of studying to do, so we decided to give them a try. Walking in, the restaurant seem to be lacking in space. In addition, it felt crowded too. When we came in, we ordered first and paid first before we sat down. Looking at their menu, many of the sushi and combos are priced at the average (such as $3.50 for a California Roll is the average price around Vancouver). I was hungry so I wanted something more, so I decided to order the Chicken Teriyaki Bento box. For about $10.00 for the bento box, it seemed pretty fairly priced.
After paying for my meal, my friend and I grabbed our seats. The very second, my friend bumped his back to the counter behind him because of how cramped the restuarant is. The waitress / cashier then brought us our tea and miso soup. I saw that the miso soup was kept in a big Thermos, of which she used to pour into smaller bowls. Having a sip at the miso soup, it tasted as if it has been sitting in the Thermos for a while. The taste was not only lacking and on the watery side, the tea tasted like hot water.
After when the bento box came, I was so hungry I forgot about the miso soup. However, my first feeling was that the bento box was on the small side. There was only two pieces of gyoza, small salad, 4 pieces of tempura and chicken teriyaki over a couple bites of rice. The tempura felt like it's been sitting in the deep fryer for too long. The prawn tempura was so hard and dripping with oil while the yam tempura was all burnt on one end. I usually don't complain too much about food, but eating tempura that makes your mouth feel like it's hit a pocket of oil is not exactly pleasant.
After, I took a stab at the chicken teriyaki, and the meat was pretty fresh. That said, the teriyaki sauce feels a bit thicker than what I'm used too. It's almost as if corn starch was added to the teriyaki. In addition, there was not a lot of rice with the teriyaki. The salad also was a bit on the funny tasting end too, but it wasn't too bad.
The service was pretty decent however, the cashiers and waiters were all very nice. That said, the food quality can be improved.
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