Monday, January 7, 2013

Bad Day

This is something out of what I would normally post but... haven't you ever got a time when you worked so hard for something, but everything backfires and it just don't go the way you wanted it to go? I've worked really hard to get into this program at my school. This program will enable me to travel to even farther places in the world to work on work terms. I was really close to, I was conditionally accepted. However, my grades failed me because I tried so hard with all the wrong methods... at the end everything backfired and I didn't make it in to the program. I've wanted to be in this program for a few years now... so I am abit stumped... But listening to this song and watching these videos. Going to take a break and then going back to think of what to do next.
Usually when I have a bad day, I would just listen to music, or watch Just for Laughs.

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