Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chapter's / Indigo (Metrotown)


Sometimes when I'm free, I love to hang out at Chapter's. In particular, I love going to Chapter's at Metortown. According to Wikipedia, it is one of the first Chapter's ever opened in Canada. (Source: What I like about this location is that there is a comfortable Starbucks there. It's usually full though, but if you can find a spot, it's a great place to study and drink coffee.

The selection of books at this location is plentiful. It is less compared to some of the other bigger Chapter's stores. Like there was this one I seen when I was travelling to the interior that was the size of a supermarket because it was not in a mall, but by itself. In particular, I find that this location has a good selection of kids books, and toys. Their Children's section is big. Besides that, they also have a big section on languages. This is a good location for book shopping if you are looking for books that are more common (like the Dummy's series New York Times Best Sellers and etc...). But if you are looking for books that are rare and specific, it is possible this section may not have it.

Also, what is special at this location is that the there is free wifi for Plum Reward members.

To be honest, Chapter's isn't the cheapest place to buy books. Especially instore. Most of the time, the stores will charge you at retail price for an item. It is not very competitive compared to stores that sell you the item discounted such as Supertore or Costco. Many of the items are even cheaper online. On the Chapter's website, you can often find that the price of books are cheaper.
If you are going to buy something from Chapter's I would recommend buying it from Chapter's online. .  They offer free shipping on orders over $25, so it is a worthwhile deal.
Chapter's do not offer price matching, and sometimes their prices, even online is more expensive. It would be wise to compare before you buy with some other sites such as AMAZON or ABEBOOKS.

Another way to save is through Plum Rewards. You can also sign up for Plum Rewards through the Chapter's website.
The Reward program will allow you to get points and using the points you got, you can exchange it for discounts on your future purchases. Occasionally, I find coupon codes (you can usually find them by doing a quick google search "Chapter's Coupons: that you can use for Chapters online that will give you further discounts.

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