Saturday, March 30, 2013

Marriott Pinnacle Hotel (Downtown Vancouver)

The Marriot Pinnacle Hotel is a great place to hold events. I had my graduation prom as well as some other networking events here. Even though the prices for the food is not cheap (usually comes at $30 person), the quality is usually good. These pictures were taken back in February, it was a three course meal.
    First we had salad, the salad dressing was made out of yogurt and it tasted really good, It wasn't too sweet, yet it was full of flavour. After we had a chicken entree with mashed potatos and gravy. The chicken was just right (not over cooked or undercooked). The dessert was pretty good too (it was Tiramisu. In addition, the service was really good as the servers would come around proactively to fill up our water containers without being asked.
     In addition to the convenient location downtown, I would recommend this venue for big events.

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