Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hotel max (seattle part 5)

The hotel's location is only a few steps away from Westlake center and Macy's. Around the hotel there's at least 3 Starbucks, a Mcdonalds and tons of places to eat. The best part is across the street, it's the US Federal Court House.

From the outside the appearance of the hotel looks very vintage, you can tell from the architecture that it was built a long time ago. When I entered the lobby, I was greeted by the valet guy ( not sure what you would call these guys that took your car keys and then park your car). The lobby looked very cool, it didn't resemble the traditional hotel lobbies where the floor was shiny and the lighting was super bright. This hotel's lobby was slightly dark when it comes to lighting and the windows were tinted.

When we checked in, I mentioned that I made the booking thru, the check in process was efficient. After checking in, I was curious how old the hotel was, so I asked the manager there and she told me it was built in 1919... So this building was built 94 ( as of 2013) years ago..., upon learning this fact, I felt both excited and creeped out... However, from the construction of the hotel to now, the hotel's gone through numerous renovations. Including the most recent one, giving the hotel an artistic feel.

Once we were finished at the check-in desk, we proceeded to the elevator. The elevator was abit scary, it was extremely small in space, it could probably fit maybe 6 people, but anything more it would be too cramped. As we went up the elevator, the walls of it slightly shook.

When we arrived to our floor, the hallway immediately gave me the impression of a haunted house. It was relatively dark and on the doors of the room, there were black and white paintings of artists. This lighting in addition to the age of the hotel gave me a slight chill. As my friend and I walked towards our room, we passed by the ice machine (which apparently is only on odd numbered floors).

Once we entered our room, the entire feeling of creepyness faded away. The room itself was quite impressive. The double beds were very well made and the lighting inside the room was nice, not only was this nice, but the flatscreen TV and the spacious washroom with the view of the courthouse across the street was pretty sweet.

Something I must mention though, is that wifi is not free as well as the bottles of water on the table, but the coffee brewer and tea were free to be used. The wifi is free, however, if you have a rewards membership with the. They also featured Aveda soaps, lotion and shampditioner(shampoo and conditioner) washroom for free. If you ever visit here and are looking for amentities or snacks, there's a drug store a few steps away from the hotel and charges significantly less for the same items the hotel charges.

The hotel also had a business center downstairs (but internet costs money on those computers), they also had a printer there too. In general, besides the fact that the hotel is abit vintage, and charges for internet, I say the location and the cleaniness, view of the room makes this hotel a great place to stay at.

Once we finished putting our stuff down in our hotel room, we headed to the Space Needle before sunset.

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