Friday, May 3, 2013

Fry's Electronics Wilsonville

Fry's electronics Wilsonville
     Before I went to the actual store, I decided to do research online for the prices. I would highly recommend doing this because people will tell you at Fry's sell cheaper electronics than places like Best Buy and circuit city, but that isn't necessarily true. For example, I was looking for a tablet and price they had a Fry's was the same as all of the other retailers. The only exception, like all of the other stores in Oregon, buying things are tax free, so the taxes you save could be substantial.
That said, what caught my attention was the price match guarantee they had. Some stores don't even have a guarantee. They have a guarantee sayinrg that they will make the price the same as a competitng retailer, even online retailers. This changes the game, because sites like usually sell things cheaper. Hence, it would be really helpful to know what you are getting before you arrive because many of there retail prices they have are not cheap than many places. If you can get the same item at a local Bestbuy, why spend all the money for gas to go there. There is a fine print that they don't tell you, it is if you compare with online retailers like amazon, if they charge shipping and if the shipping combined with the item with tax or if the model number is different (the model number must be identical even if it is the same item), they will not price match. Also keep in mind, the item must be instock. Keeping all that in mind, I found a tablet that I liked and I was ready to get it. Ironic thing was after the hours of research, the tablet was sold out when I got there...

The actual store itself is pretty nice. It is probably the largest electronics store I have been to. The outside looks small, but the inside is huge. When I entered, my jaws dropped open because of the depth of the store. They had those metal grocery shopping outside. It looks as if people came here to buy things by the truckloads. As I entered, one thing slightly ticked me off, we had to take our bags and give it to them to guard. That wasn't the worst, the bags were all loosly guarded. They put them on the floor and the greeter on the way out had to guard it, but it is so loosely guarded it is not even funny. So don't bring any valuables with you, just bring a wallet.
    That said, the selection of stuff they have is incredible, they have anything from home electronics to toys. (sorry, I couldn't take pictures because it was forbidden...). There is anything you can think of here. What I find really cool is that there is an Angry birds aisle! There's like Angry bird plushies, candies  toys and more. Only downside is that some of the things are overly priced.
   While I was there, I did some price comparisons and I found that there were somethings that were worth buying, batteries such as the 4AA were only 39 cents and toner for printers were slightly lower than places like Best Buy ( I bought a Tn 330 for 39.99 with no tax compared with places like Staples who sells it for 50.  They also have somethings going on sale that are put into buckets like glow sticks, flashlights, mouse, and other small electronics.
    Overall, Fry's isn't a bad place to visit. Not everything is cheap and the service is mediocre but their wide selection of things makes it a worthwhile place to go to when you are in town.

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