Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Macy's , Westlake Center and Daiso Japan (SEATTLE PART 4)

Once we left the Museum of Flight, the 124 bus was right there, so we quickly rushed on to it. It was an interesting bus ride, we heard a few conversations about the baseball game that was going on in town. As we crossed by the stadium, the amount of people rushing into the stadium is comparable to those in Vancouver during a hockey game.

After we passed the stadium/ China town region, we began to feel the rush hour of Seattle. The bus was barely moving at a few feet per minute. In this case, I think it would be faster to just walk... And we were going to walk actually but we kept on debating whether if it's the right stop. Until at one point, my friend and I agreed that we were not getting anywhere on the bus, so we decided to get off at the stop we were at.

Right after, we noticed that the bus let us off right in front of Macy's. It was perfect becasue I needed to get cosmetics for my mom. Cosmetics in the US is generally cheaper than the cosmetics in Canada. In addition to that, I also printed off a few coupons from the web for Macy's. (as a note of caution though, those coupons can only be used on regular merchandise, not cosmetics).

I had to get something from Clinque and Estee Lauder, and I found out the coupons I had couldn't be used on the cosmetics... In this case, I decided to ask for some samples (well having more things is like more more bang for your buck right?). I ended up getting a few samples from Estee Lauder and for Clinque, they had a deal where you make a purchase over $25 and then you recieve this package of samples that's apparently worth $60.
After buying cosmetics, we decided to leave Macy's to visit Westlake Center (which is only across the street) to look do some shopping. There weren't many things that caught our eye.

However, we did run into a Daiso. For those who have never visited a Daiso, Daiso is like a Japanese version of the dollar store. In Japan, the price for items are 100 yen (which is roughly $1 Canadian). There is a Daiso in Richmond, Canada, but the prices there are $2 per item, when most of the items are the same as the ones in Japan. However, in the Daiso in Seattle, the items are only $1.50! So essentially the things here are cheaper.

They carry a wide range of products and some of the things that they have at this Daiso are: a wide selection of stationary, snacks, bowls, kitchen utensils and cosmetics. However these are the things that I found that they carry the most, but they do have many items that you would find at a typical dollar store. After my friend bought a package of kleenex (they were really cute small packs that had animals printed on them), we decided to leave the mall to check in at the hotel.

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