Wednesday, December 18, 2013

C-Lovers Fish & Chips

I've gotta say, their sign that say "the best fish and chips in town" is pretty eye catching. I don't usually eat fried foods because I am abit on the health conscious side, but it seems like a waste to not have fish and chips when you are at Horseshoe Bay. In the past that I was here, I've given Troll's a try and I like them pretty much, but I wanted to see what this place is like so I went in. We were greeted my very friendly waiters and waitresses and the place looked very clean. My first impression of it was pretty good. They have a wide selection of fish and chips, the different varieties of fishes range from halibut to cod to salmon! They also have some sides and chowder. The most interesting thing they have is the "All you can eat fish and chips".
 I felt like going for the all you can eat, but I wasn't too hungry so I decided to order a haddock burger. When the burger came, the huge piece of fish spanned two buns and had a layer of colesaw under it. I ate the buns with the colesaw first. The bun was just a plane white bun without much flavour. I've had buns that were toasted before they were served but theirs (C-lover's) weren't, not sure if it would taste better if it was toasted.
        After finishing the bun with colesaw, I had the haddock. It was very good, the haddock was very fresh and juicy. I asked the waitress and she said the haddock came in from the Atlantic (so it's good because it shows that they watch for their source of fish rather than getting cheap fish from places that they don't even know).

The batter was abit on the greasy side, but I guess when you are going to eat fish and chips, it is inevitable for it to be greasy. My friend had the oyster burger, and it was the first time he had oyster and he made an interesting expression... but I think he enjoyed it. It's the first time I've ever seen oyster used as a patty in a burger before, I must try that another time.
  That said, the price is pretty good (at $5.99 for a haddock burger, with a considerably large portion) and the quality is good as well, along with the service. I would definitely come back here again.
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