Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Staycation day #3 (West Vancouver Edition)

   Today, I wasn't planning on going far seeing how it was cloudy and seems like it was about to rain. However, towards mid-morning it cleared up and it was sunny and I missed going to the mountains. In the summer, I used to do the Grouse Grind almost every day (I did 57 in total) but once school started, I haven't returned. Now that the summer is over, I still miss the oceans and the mountains, so I decided to go visit Horseshoe bay. It's a convenient bus ride away from downtown Vancouver.
  I never been on this bus before either, but I always see it on my way to the Vancouver Public Library. I decided to take the bus today. It was relatively congested on our way out of downtown Vancouver. After we left the downtown area, it became less busy. The scenery was gorgeous though, as we crossed the Lions Gate Bridge you can see the sun and the clear sky on the east side and the view of the mountains and Georgia Straight on the west. After the bridge, the bus takes you through Ambleside and then it makes it's way on to highway 1. The scenery is beautiful  as you go on the highway and it takes you to Horseshoe Bay.
  When we (my friend and I) arrived at Horseshoe bay, the scenery was magnificent. You have the mountains on the two sides and the water in front of you. We stopped for lunch and then went walking around. Took some pictures and I must say this place is beautiful but it's full of bird poop. I think I stepped in a few and at one point, I accidentally touched one and I had to run to wash it off, thank goodness it is not bird flu season. We continued to walk around for a bit, the place isn't too big, but the scenery is nice. I stopped by this bakery on my way to the bus stop (I'll write about it later).
  After going to Horseshoe Bay, we decided to go to Park Royal on our way home from Vancouver. Nothing too interesting, except that my friend, who loved wood carving decided to buy a 6" piece of wood and we had to find a way to drag it home from Home Depot... 

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