Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shabusen Yakiniku House

This is my second time here, I remember my first time was back in highschool when I used to be part of the school paper and the sponsor teacher took us out for dinner. This time, I am here for lunch. I must say, this place has one of the worse services I've ever recieved at a resturant. Not sure if it was just the person because the other waitress and waiters seemed ok. When it was our time to be seated, instead of bringing us to the table, the waiter that was rude just stood there and pointed. If it was busier, I would understand but there wasn't anyone waiting at the door! He pointed toward the window direction, so we ended up having to look for our seats. After we found our seats, we didn't receive any tea or any service until 10 minutes later and we literally had to wave our hands to get them to come pick up the all you can eat form. Still, it wasn't picked up, we ended up going to the waiter and giving him the form instead. When the food came, it was thrown on our table by the same waiter. Now I don't really know what is going on in his life, or if this is the social norm but I just find that is rude. That said, I think it could just be the waiter because the waitress and other waiters were nice.
    I could see why this place is busy, the location is prime in downtown Vancouver. It is right in the middle of the financial section. When it comes to the quality of food and selection, there isn't that many to choose from. For the lunch AYCE menu, there are only maybe 8 types of sushi and a few different kinds of things from the kitchen. The only difference I've noticed was that they have a higher maximum number of sashimi pieces that you can have. One person is allowed to have 8 pieces max. Personally, I usually order nigiri because sashimi by itself without grain could make the sashimi taste nasty. Considering that this is downtown Vancouver and the price of lunch without the Korean BBQ is only $13.50 for AYCE, I say the price is fair and overall, the quality of the food is fair, but the selection of food is abit on the lacking side (compared with other places in Vancouver) and the service could use some improvement.

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