Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blenz Coffee (VGH/Broadway)

After I left the Vancouver General Hospital, I decided I needed a caffine boost. I never tried Blenz coffee (I know, I live in Vancouver but never had Blenz...), there is one just across the street on Broadway. It is very nice and cozy. The coffee shop itself is very small, but it is cozy. There are a few couch seats, and a few seats that are elevated (I am not sure what they are called...). then a line of couch and chairs in front of the coffee counter.
   I ordered a regular Americano and had them put it in a large cup. The taste is pretty average and the price was fair too (in comparison with Starbucks). The washroom at this coffee shop is pretty interesting, they have 2 door handles on the washroom door. I am not sure why they would need two because only the top one works, and the bottom one I guess used to work... Thinking of it, it would be cheaper to leave the old handle there and confuse the daylights out of people than to fill it up and put in a new handle in the location of the old one...
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