Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Staycation day #2 (Vancouver General Hospital Edition)

Staycation day #2, not really a vacation day today because I had to take my grandma to the hospital to get a CT scan. I must say today's one of the weirdest days because when I went into the CT scan room with her, the radiologist was really nice as I told them that I was interested into medicine and they showed me around the CT room. They did an explanation of the machines of how it works and also I was there with my grandma when she got her IV shots for the CT scanner (For CT scans, they need to inject a dye into the body of the patient into order to see the blood vessels). Everything was fine, except the IV wouldn't stick in my grandma's arms, so we had to go back and fix it... I was there until... I started realizing my head was dizzy and the next thing I know, I was lying on a stretcher with a bunch of people watching me and a lady coming in with a blood pressure machine... Apparently I fainted... I must say it is a surprise for me to faint because I've spent abit of time in the hospital this year and seen some pretty crazy things. The staff there was really nice but afterward, everyone gave me a weird expression haha. This is definitely going to be in my list of one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. The irony... aiya...

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