Monday, December 16, 2013

Mattus Coffee (Willowbrook Mall)

I was on my way to Starbucks for my caffine boost of the day when Mattus Coffee caught my eye. The decor and the coffee shop itself is slightly clustered, but I really like the feel of the coffee shop. There are not many tables to sit at, and the seats are pretty small too. They have this feel to them that is hard to describe, but the mahogany of the furniture really give it an antique feel to it. The only concern that I have is that many of the things they have in the store is made of ceramics, it seems like an accident would knock things over pretty easily.
When it comes to the food, I really like the many types of coffee they have. Today when I went I had the decaf hazelnut coffee (ok, I know I said I need my caffine boost, but usually the decaf has caffine in it too) and the price was pretty fair as well. The coffee smelled so good and was full of flavour. I would definitely come back here again.
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