Monday, December 16, 2013

Sashimi Sushi (Willowbrook Mall)

Located at the side of the mall, this is the only sushi place I can find at Wllowbrook Mall. I would say that this place is probably best for take out because the seating inside is very limited. This is more like a fast-food sushi place where you order something and you pick up the thing you order at the counter rather than a restaurant where you sit down and they bring the menu and food to you. When I entered Sashimi Sushi from the side, I noticed that the price of the sushi was pretty fair. At around $3.50 a roll for something like a California Roll, the pricing is pretty average. The cashier was pretty friendly in the sense that she greeted me, I think I confused her because I just stared at the menu when she gave it to me and took a while to made a decision. I didn't want to eat too much, and all of their combos had something fried like dumplings. I didn't want to order something that I didn't want to eat and throw away. I don't like to waste food.
   At the end, I settled for a chicken teriyaki don. The price was around $6.50, which was fair. Then the cashier asked me, would I like salad or miso soup with it, so I went with the salad. I must say, this is the first time that I saw a donburi of any kind put in one of those rectangular takeout boxes. This is surely the first time. The chicken and salad had abit too much sauce on it, but over all the chicken tasted pretty good. The portion was slightly smaller than I imagined, but I guess in comparison to all of the foods at the foodcourt it is a good deal.
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