Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Caffè Artigiano

I always see this place when I pass by it on the 99 Bline but I never gotten a chance to go in. I was in the neighbourhood to visit VGH when I was feeling sleepy so I decided to grab a cup of coffee. The decorations of the inside has slightly a festive yet vintage feel to it. The coffee tables are set up in a way where people sit on the sides of the coffee shop and the middle is an open walk way that leads you to the counter.
   I must say their counter is abit confusing because I usually recognize the cash till as the place where you go pay... But for the they have two counters that are separated but no cash till to be seen. That said, it is sort of self explanatory once you notice that one of the counters have all of the coffee and coffee grinders and stuff while the other had the little display with sandwiches and snacks that the one with sandwiches and snacks is the counter you would pay. That said if the line up was long, I'd imagine it would be slightly confusing.
   I decided to grab a cup of expresso, all of their expressos (regardless of the size) contains 2 shots. I usually like my coffee not as heavy so I decided to get the grande. I must say, the way they organize their cups is interesting too. The small is what they call "regular' while the medium is grande and large is large. For some reason when you choose a size that's not a "regular" size not sure if it implies that you aren't regular! Haha
   That said, the cup of expresso is pretty fairly priced at $2.90 and I would come back again if I'm around.
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