Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Caffe Perugia

      Like all of the UBC Foods Outlets, you can get most of the foods offered at UBC Foods, like the Salads, baked goods, sandwiches. However, what make Perugia different is that it is one of the biggest outlets of UBC foods, it is an actual restaurant with a closed section for people to eat their food.
    They offer a full service coffee counter that you can get hand made drinks in as well. In addition to the regular Allegero coffee offered at all UBC Food joints, they also have Decaf coffee. Today I took my own stainless steel cup to grab a cup of coffee. I guess it depends on the day, sometimes their coffee tastes slightly dilute, but today it was really nice and full of flavour. 
If you are a UBC Student, I find that it is cheaper to load money on to your UBC Card because you save the GST, also bringing your own cup gives you a discount as well. Be sure to ask for a coffee card because if you buy 12 cups of coffee or 12 cups of handmade drinks, you get one for free.
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