Saturday, December 21, 2013

Staycation day#5

Is it ever snowing hard outside. I was supposed to go to UBC today but because it's snowing, I changed my plans to go to UBC on Saturday instead. I remember last year, we had a huge snowfall, and it took me literally 3 hours to get to UBC and back to Burnaby. In the morning, I did a quick one hour workout on my exercize bike and watched "How the Grinch stole Christmas", after that, I got ready to go out. My day began with going downtown to the Scotiabank Theatre to watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I must say, it was pretty good, but they ended the movie in a place that made me wished that it went on. It's amazing how they can take a book like The Hobbit and split it up in to 3 movies that is like 3 hours each when for other movies, a book would only occupy one movie. In general, compared to the first Hobbit movie, there wasn't too much of a climax, but I liked it. I can't wait for the last movie to come out. After watching The Hobbit, my group of friends and I decided to go to the Sala Thai place right beside the theatre (I'll post about it in my review post). It wasn't too filling so afterward, we went to Timmy Ho's to grab some more food. Realizing that it's still pretty early (well 9 PM to be exact, but who on Earth goes to bed at this hour when it's Christmas Season and Friday night?). We decided to go visit Stanley Park because they have a Christmas light displays that's going on. When we got to Stanley Park, the place was pretty busy. There were firefighters greeting guests at the entrance of the venue. There's too much to describe, but in general though, they have a Santa's Workshop display, quite a few Christmas trees and a few light shows. They also have the miniature train that you can take that will take you around the light displays inside at the inside of the venue that you can't go to by foot. There are also quite abit of concessions that you can get like roasted hazelnuts, hot chocolate and candy! I really liked it here, even though it was cold and the snow was melting from the top of the trees and making it seem as if it was raining. It seems to be like a place that is romantic in feel. Not only that, the holiday music and everyone dressed up in Christmas really made me feel like it's Christmas!

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