Thursday, December 19, 2013

Staycation day #4

I had a doctor's appointment this morning around the Metrotown Area so I decided to go to Metrotown. Growing up, Metrotown was always around, it's not hard to believe that I've taken it for granted. After leaving my doctor's office, I headed towards Metrotown. All of the stores aren't open yet, so I decided to go to a coffee shop and wait. I walked on the second level of the mall and went to Take 5 coffee (I'll write about it in another blog post). After that, I went to T&T to grab some food for lunch and then quickly headed home because I have more plans in the afternoon.
In the afternoon, I had to go pick up some prescriptions at Costco, so went there. Just gotta love Costco, sometimes I feel like I'm going to an All you can eat buffet there. There's so much samples that it's practically all you can eat (well.. until someone stares at you...). After, I met up with a few friends at the Robson Square ice rink. It's really nice there and romantic too! Did you know it's free to skate there if you bring your own skates?

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