Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sushikaku (Production Way University Station)

I was around the area today for a first aid course and I forgot to bring my lunch. Because I watch my weight, I usually try to avoid fatty foods (I know I write alot about food, but sometimes it's because I am out with friends and I eat the food).
In the area there wasn't much to eat besides going to Mac's, which had Subway, Seattle's Best Coffee and a bunch of things that are more on the junk food side. When I walked outside of Mac's, I noticed that there was a sign that was advertising sushi, and 14 pieces was only $4.95 so I decided to go in a get myself 14 pieces.
When I walked in, the place was empty, and not to mention, very small. The cashier appeared to be coughing, which was slightly scary.
After I finished ordering, the cashier went to the back and said a bunch of things to some guy and the sushi chef came out and made the sushi. I must say, the taste of the sushi is very average, it wasn't too special or anything.
Because this location is convenient to SFU students on their way to school, it might be a good place to grab a quick bite. But if you are taking your date here, it might not be very romantic or a good idea.

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