Sunday, December 15, 2013

Monga Cafe (Metrotown/Kingsway)

Just found a new place to chill. This cafe is a nice little cafe that is across the street from Metrotown. I came here with a friend to order I ordered a cup of milk tea. My friend also ordered some Taiwanese noodle. I must say the pricing is pretty fair, a cup of bubble tea for $3 is actually pretty good compared to the price of bubble tea at Metrotown for $4. When it comes to food, I would say their type of cuisine is Taiwanese. They have a wide selection of things from noodles to rice. Also, I never tried it, but they have Olan (which is a Taiwanese type of delicacy that is like fish balls that are cooked (it tastes better than it sounds!)
The place also have free Wifi, and doesn't seem to be too busy so it seems like a good place to hang out, especially if the mall is busy, this place is only across the street and good place to hang out with your friends.
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