Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Found myself a new place to have coffee/ chillax (JJ Beans Burrard/ Marine Building)

I think I just found myself a new favourite coffee shop. Located in the ground floor of the Marine Building, JJ Beans is one of the classiest coffee shops in Downtown Vancouver. The Marine building itself has a very rich historical significance (read more here: Built in 1930, at the time it was opened, the Marine building was the tallest building in the British Empire. The decor was not changed much since it's opening, so coming into this building is like stepping back in time on a time machine. This building itself is a heritage protected building.
Lower Level of the coffee shop
From the outside, I thought to myself "man, this coffee shop must be really old", but I was wrong. The outside appearance of the Marine Building is deceptive when it comes to the actual coffee shop. When I pushed open the vintage looking entrance of JJ Bean, I was impressed with the interior decor. It didn't really have the ancient feel of the Marine Building, but it takes on its own unique feel. The coffee counter and bakery counter looks very retro with it's mahogany coloured finishing. The baked goods were all placed neatly in the display case, and coffee beans all placed in containers.
Staircase leading upstairs
They are very organized and the baked goods looked so good and gourmet that I was hungry immediately gazing upon them I had to resist my temptation because I just ate lunch. That said, I did get myself a cup of Americano. To my surprise, the price for a medium was only $2.15. Compared to Starbucks, it's the same price, but the taste of JJ Bean's Americano is much better. The coffee had a really wholesome and rich taste to it.
Besides the good coffee, this location have quite a few chairs and tables to sit at. There are a few large tables on the ground floor and also a few more upstairs. Eventhough the tables themselves are very small, overall it is still a good place to drink coffee/ read a book (if it's not too busy). The only thing I would caution against is reading the washroom signs correctly. Not sure if it was because I was tired, or because the men's and women's sign look similar. I accidentally used the wrong washrooms when I was there and when I came out, I got a few stares... I wondered why people were looking at me funny when I noticed that I used the wrong washrooms... That said, I would definitely recommend this coffee shop to anyone. Even if you are not drinking in (not sure what you would call dining in at a coffee shop, so drinking in should do for now), I would still recommend getting their coffee!
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