Thursday, February 20, 2014

Huge $3 California Rolls (Sushi Den Gastown)

When I was walking by this place on my way to cineplex, the large size of their dynamite roll caught my attention. Before the movie that my friend and I were watching were playing, we decided to grab dinner. I suggested Sushi Den because the portions were big and the prices on the menu seemed pretty reasonable.
When we entered the restaurant, I noticed how small the venue was. There were only a handful of tables, but thankfully at 5:00pm on a Wednesday night, the place wasn't too busy so we were able to get a table with no wait.
 When it comes to the menu, there really isn't anything special that stood out. They have all of the classic things you would find at Japanese Restuarants. This includes the appetizers like gyoza, miso soup and main maki rolls such as California Rolls, Chicken Teriyaki Rolls, Vegetable rolls. They also have an assortment of Nigiri Sushi as well. I would say, judging by the menu, it seems like a good take out place. The prices of the maki rolls are also very reasonable. Most of them range from 3 to 5 dollars for 8 pieces.
I decided to order a Chicken Teriyaki Roll and an Alaska roll. Their Alaska roll is abit different than some of the ones I've had in the past. I'm used to seeing sashimi inside the Alaska Roll, but the Alaska Roll from Sushi Den seemed to be regular California Roll with only a piece of smoked salmon on top of it. For $4.50 for an 8 piece roll , I would say the price is pretty reasonable. The taste was pretty average, with the exception that the rice slightly tasted as if it's been in the cooker abit too long. Otherwise, it was good. The Chicken Teriyaki Roll was about the same taste too. The only difference that I liked about their chicken Teriyaki was that the chicken inside wasn't fried. But the roll itself was also very simple. Besides chicken and seaweed wrapped in rice, there was nothing else to the Chicken Teriyaki Roll. FOR $3.50, I say the price was decent.
 In summary, I would say this is a pretty good place to be having sushi, but it is more suited for take out rather than dine in because of the small venue. In addition, because there really isn't anything special about their menu options that sets them apart from many other Japanese restaurants. It is ideal for someone who is passing by and is hungry but not really recommended if you live far and are coming here just to them. Overall, the price is good, food is fair and I would probably return if I am in the area.
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