Thursday, May 8, 2014

$1.50 for 3 big scoops of Gelato!!! (Costco Seattle)

There are many Costco's out there, but this Costco is probably one of my favourite ones to go to. Besides being on the site of the first ever Costco (apparently, the first Costco was torn down, but the original site was across the parking lot from here), they have Italian Gelato for $1.50 for 3 big scoops!
   Not only is $1.50 a ridiculous deal for the Gelato (you are probably thinking... $1.50... the quality must be pretty bad). There are about 3 choices for you to choose from. So when it comes to choices, you don't get that many. The three choices that was available when I came today was: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Pistachios and Chocolate.    I decided to get a mix of the three different scoops, so a scoop of each. I first started with the Pistachios, and I must say the taste of pistachios was there, but it wasn't very strong. The texture was pretty smooth, with a bit of a taste on the sugary side.
  The next flavour I had was the Chocolate Chip Cookie flavour. This one was full of flavour and is probably my favourite one too. The chocolate in the ice cream was in chunks and you actually have to chew the chocolate.
   The final flavour was the chocolate ice cream. This chocolate ice cream was smoother than many of the ice cream I had. It wasn't as sweet as the other two flavours from before, but the chocolate taste was very thick. Because the two other flavours were abit sweeter than this one, the chocolate taste didn't come out as much.
    Some advice: make sure you finish it as soon as soon as possible and not eat it while you are inside a hot car... (I learned my lesson the hard way). Things can get sticky really fast and because the portions of the ice cream is so big... when it melts, it melts like a waterfall. That said, I really like the ice cream and I would definitely come back again. 
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